Murkimus the Gladiator

3.1.2 came out today, there’s some patch notes that I couldn’t be bothered to read.  I was in a furious run to the mailbox,

As a thank you for participating in the 2009 Arena Tournament.  We’re happy to give you your very own companion!  Attached you’ll find Murkimus the Gladiator, an exclusive pet ready to stand by your side in combat.  Good luck in your future adventures, and thanks for competing.

But the mail system was extremely laggy and I freaked out!  There was nothing attached that I could find.  A quick ticket was posted to the GMs with a wait timer somewhere around the next millennium.  I sat there, waiting, and patience (that thing I don’t have) paid off.



2 thoughts on “Murkimus the Gladiator

  1. xeonio says:

    Thx! I only did the Arena Tournament Server thing so I could get Murkimus, other then that I don’t really pvp at all (cuz it sends me to a dark place).

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