Rez of the Week – Marisse

RTW Marisse

This week I’m gonna take a different route and interview one of my leet deepz (read: elite dps).  I’ve known her for several months now.  She’s been raiding with us off and on during that time but until recently was not a member of my guild, Relentless.

She brings a great personality to guild and is always willing to offer a helping hand.  I’m really glad she has decided to join us in guild chat.

She’s also hard at work harassing asking people to help her finish Glory of the Hero that gives you a red proto..

Name: [Marisse]
Class: Hunter
Spec: [Survival] / [Marksman]
How long have you been playing: I started a couple months after release.
Main Raid Spec / Dual Spec: Trying to decide if I like Marks or Survival more for raids. True love is still Beast Mastery.

Q: What do you use your offspec for
A: Once I choose Marks or Survival for raids I’ll make my offspec BM for soloing.

Q: Favorite pet
A: White bear.

Q: Best Raid Moment
A: I never thought I’d get that into the progression thing; I like coming into the fights having someone know exactly what’s going to happen and be able to tell me what my responsibility is and know that if I die it won’t affect the outcome. But it’s actually pretty satisfying to put hours of work into a new boss and finally have it come together and be able to complete it as a group for the first time and know that each person made it possible.

Q: If your deepz was a physical object, what would it be
A: Bacon /wink

Editor’s Note:  Inside jokes are bad things to put on a blog since only like 3 people know what she means by this.  I can honestly say though, this is probably the strongest weapon conceivable by man.

Q: Favorite Raid Mod

Q: Favorite Boss Encounter
A: Honestly, any of them that doesn’t kill my pet. I hate boss fights that I can’t keep a pet alive for.

Q: What Food / Flasks do you use
A: Fish Feasts, Spiced Worm Burger, Blackened Dragonfin. Flasks of Endless Rage. Also try to keep a lot of Noggenfogger Elixirs because the one that makes you smaller has been proven to make you less of a target and take 75% less damage. For reals.

Q: Do you pull and FD things onto people just to watch them die
A: Only if they’re asking for it. Or if they look at me funny. Or if I’m irritated. Or if I think it would be funny if they died. Okay, yes.

Q: Macros
A: /cry; /me vomits on; and the one that randomly chooses a companion pet. It’s…


Q: Rotation
A: 413222213222 hahaha

Q: What resources do you use to stay current on your class
A: I diligently research and am obsessive about being the best hunter in the …..okay, I use trial and effort and ask Watz what I’m doing wrong.

Q: Do you autoshoot to go pee
A: I only did it once but I really had to go!

Q: Any tips for playing your class
A: You don’t have to be perfect or the highest dps, just stop rolling for things that aren’t really good for hunters so people will stop crying that we steal all their stuff. And control your pet lol. I think everyone pictures every hunter drooling all over themselves while they’re playing and it’s annoying.

Q: Catch phrase
A: I find myself saying forward slash vomit irl and that frightens me a little.


2 thoughts on “Rez of the Week – Marisse

  1. She isn’t still running with that stupid pet Spike is she? Or what about that big reptile that always ass-pulled?

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