It was… too many melee

And it worked.  If you read this post, it talked about the difficulties we’ve been having with Thorim.  We were using like 17 million melee on him.

Which turns into 17 million dead melee after the first chain lightning.

Changed slotting practices for this week specifically for him.  We took 4 melee and 3 tanks (a bit extreme and it made the pit more difficult) but it worked anyway.  Another bonus thing we did is that I put the Shadow Priest in the group with the 4 melee and she Mind Controlled a Dark Rune Warbringer.  They have an Aura of Celerity that increases melee, ranged, and casting speeds by 20%.  It only effects the group of the person who is MC’ing them which is why I went with melee.  Better chance they will always be in range of them.

We also skipped out on moving out of the lightning volleys.  We just healed through them as movement lowers your DPS.  We scraped by… but we did it.

Thorim DED RTW


Note: The rounded corners are a salute to Leafshine because I think she’s one of those people who just naturally take great photos.  Then her editing them (WITH ROUNDED CORNERS!) looks awesome.


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