Scheduling Headaches

NAcalendarI consider myself hardcore.  I run my Disc Priest with guild and an alt with another guild (about 30+ hrs of raiding per week).  I make WoW a higher priority then it probably should be, but its my main hobby and I like doing it.  Not everyone else is the same though.

I’ve been trying to add a 3rd raid day for Ulduar25.  We tried the Sunday before Mother’s Day and got 2/3rds of the A team, which is bad since it is a progression day.  It kinna suck’d.

The week after that I thought about trying the other end of the spectrum.  I put the raid up for a Thursday, only 3hrs, to get the farmed stuff out of the way.  This would leave our A team to progression on Friday and Saturday.  Seemed like a great idea!

It wasn’t.

Again, I found myself with about 2/3rds of my A team.  Since some of the A team couldn’t be there they were also missing out on much needed upgrades that we would need deeper in.  We did clear through Auriaya but I think doing it this way would turn out to be more harmful in the end and lead to faster Ulduar burnout.

Trying that Thursday worked out great since Mother’s Day was that Sunday.  This week (the one we’re in now) I put Sunday back up, figured I’d give it one last go.  Currently sitting at 18 of 25 peeps needed.

I’m pretty sure that a 3rd day is just out of the question as much as it kills me.

We did a tier 7 clearing last night, helping to get random peeps geared up and give peeps a chance to take alts.  Naxx25, Malygos25, OS25 +1… down in 4hrs 10mins.  Not our best time (3hrs 45mins) but certainly close to it.  If we aren’t putting Sunday as Ulduar25 then I’m doing t7 clearing.  I hate doing it during the week when I can run my shaman.

Have I mentioned my shaman?  Resto of course.  LOVE the chain heal spams.  Everyone tells me I’m geared wrong or my priorities are wrong but meh, I do a fuckton of healing so I’m happy.

Anyway, good luck to everyone this weekend (for those who raid on the weekend like us).  Pwn and get some loots!


Addon (no not the ingame kind, more like an addition to the original post… but not):  I was checking my normal blogs and one of the funniest posts I’ve seen in ALONG time so I just had to make sure that everyone else checks this out.  It’s over at Shadow Weaving.  She must have gotten to interview the lead designers for the Mimiron encounter.  Its quite interesting, I HIGHLY suggest reading it.


2 thoughts on “Scheduling Headaches

  1. sparklefreeze says:

    I am just about dying as well. The past week, I did 2 Naxx-25s, 2 VoA-10, an EoE, 2 Naxx-10s, 1 Uld-10 on 2 toons with 2 guilds. I’m gonna be screwed next week when uld-25 gets into the mix on my main. Sadly, raid times are pretty tight as all the guilds on my server raid during the prime time.

    I just ended this week of raids with a migraine that’s lasted well into day 3. >.< Hope it clears up when raids kick off tmr with another Naxx 25 lol.

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