Rez of the Week – Kraylarra

Editor’s Note:  Since this was posted Kray has transferred servers.  Removed the links for her armory and such as they are no longer applicable.

I talk about my friends all the time (whether they want me to or not) so I figured I’d take some time to let you know more about them.  The first person I’m going to talk about is one of my main healers, Kraylarra (read: Kraylessa’s paladin).  She’s been with my healing team for a few months now and she’s an exceptional healer.

Name: Kraylarra
Class: Paladin
How long have you been playing: Since launch.
Main Spec: 51/2/18

Q: Best Raid Moment
A: This is tough because I’ve had some great first boss kill moments as well as many many hilarious moments, but I guess I’ll go with killing Illidan for the first time. I was literally sobbing and shaking so hard I couldn’t even put in my bid for my T6 chest.

Q: Favorite Raid Mod
A: CT Raid Assist. I have used it since the dawn of time in MC (and UBRS!) when it was the only raid mod. They briefly stopped supporting it when 3.0 launched and I was completely lost without it. Thankfully, a lot of other people were too and our combined begging convinced them to pick it back up again in time for Wrath raiding.

Q: Favorite Boss Encounter
A: Pre-BC it was Thaddius in the old Naxx. I loved the mechanics of the fight, they were so unique at the time. In BC, I think I have to go with Illidari Council… again, just a unique fight. Now? I’m loving several of the fights in Uldaur. Guess I have to go with Kologarn at the moment. I love his emotes, I love screaming at people who stand in the eye beams, and I love that I pull over 4k HPS without JoL on that fight in 25-man.

Q: What Food / Flasks do you use
A: For food I either use Firecracker Salmon for Spell Power or Spicy Blue Nettlefish for Crit. For flasks I usually use Flask of the Frost Wyrm, but I’ve been having mana issues in Ulduar, so I occasionally use Flask of Pure Mojo now.

Q: Favorite Class to Watch Die
A: The other healers would like me to say Rogues, but I secretly love to watch Mages and Warlocks die…. especially if they are gnomes!

Q: Macros
A: I use mouseover macros for all of my heals. Clicking to target wastes precious time, especially for fast-cast heals like Flash Heal and Flash of Light. In addition, I have Divine Illumination macroed to my Holy Shock, that way I know I’m pretty much casting it on cooldown, since I suck at manually using spells like that. Still need to figure out what I want to do with Divine Favor. I always forget to use it. Macroing it to my Holy Light would guarantee me 60% mana cost return, but macroing it to my Holy Shock would guarantee me an instant Flash of Light.

Q: Rotation
A: Healers don’t really have rotations, but mine goes something like “Judge, Holy Light, Holy Light, Holy Light, Holy Light, Holy Light, Holy Light, Holy Light, Holy Light, Holy Light, Holy Light, Judge” with the occasional Holy Shock thrown in and keeping Beacon of Light up on my target on boss fights.

Q: What resources do you use to stay current on your class
A: I would say Elitist Jerks, but it seems to me that the quality of the posts there is diminishing. I also troll the WoW healer forums, but I mostly do my own theorycrafting at this point.

Q: Have you ever died in a fire
A: Oh yes.
Q: Srsly, have u died in a fire
A: Many times.
Q: How ’bout a void zone
A: Not so much.

Q: Any tips for playing your class
A: Judge often to keep up Judgements of the Pure, 15% Haste is nothing to sneeze at! Spam Holy Light. Flash of Light is crap unless you are just having crazy bad mana issues. The only time I ever use FoL is on fights when I need instant cast spells and my Holy Shock procs Infusion of Light. On boss fights, keep Beacon on your assigned target. Don’t just Beacon them and forget about them, because there WILL be times when they are taking damage and no one else is, but Beaconing them means that if you switch off of them to heal up some melee or something, you aren’t risking losing heals on your target. If you have a two tank situation, Beacon the other tank and your heals on your tank will help heal up the other one.


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