Thorim still at large!

We have now spent a stupid amount of hours on Thorim.  Three to four hours spent this past raid cycle as well as almost eight the weeks prior.  None of the Ulduar bosses have given us even close to this difficulty.

I blaim it on the melee.

Going to slot less of them this coming week for sure and see how it goes.  We spent two hours on him Saturday morning and called it quits on him when his trash respawned.  Our Ulduar-10 found Freya to be pretty easy so we hopped over to her.

We quickly cleared Freya’s trash and moved on to the garden lady herself.  It took three attempts for everyone to learn the different adds that she spawned.  After that she quickly fell to our Relentless might =)


Our Ulduar-10 has also been testing the waters with the different hard modes.  We want Rusted Protodrakes this time around so its a main goal to make sure that happens.  Flame Leviathan +2 quickly died to us.  We left up Frost and Lightning.  We’ve tried leaving fire up on 25man and it was a definite suck.  We left Freya’s up (Green) last week and did that one as a +1.  The adds seem to be very troublesome.  Frost is tough, but easily worked around in my opinion.  It applied a flat 20% speed reduction which simply required Siege Engines to get off of Mr. FL at about 5-7seconds before he chose his new target.  There are also these columns of blue’ish white light (not to be confused w/the lightning columns from the lightning tower) that if you stay in for to long will drop a freeze bomb on you, freezing you in place.  You then have to be hit by someones fire attack to bust you out.  As long as you keep moving though its no problem.

Last week the 10man also got Ignis down in around 5 mins and this week we decided to push for Stokin’ the Fire, the achievement that requires you to kill him in under 4 minutes.  I went into my trusty shadow spec while Kraylessa and Conifer duo healed the fight.  They did very well I must say, I was quite proud of them.

We tested the hard modes on a couple more bosses.

  • Deconstructor in hard mode (without the use of Heroism) =  ouch.  His damage increase is quite substantial after he is pushed into hard mode.  It doesn’t say that his armor or damage mitigation is increased but it felt like he was taking a lot less damage after he was hard mode’ified.  We made a couple of attempts then decided to just pwn him and move on.
  • Assembly of Iron is quite difficult, I don’t completely understand how Steelbreaker’s Overwhelming Power ability works.  He cast it on our main tank as soon as the second guy died.  After our MT died then our OT taunted and got the debuff on them.  Steelbreaker hits to hard for most DPS to get this buff, short of having a retadin or fury warrior taunt long enough to get it and then the MT taunting back.  Gonna take some practice to get this right.
  • Kologarn we had a boo boo and failed to kill his arms at the same time sadly.
  • Auriaya… omg her achievement is just insane.  Crazy Cat Lady requires you to keep her Sanctum Sentries alive throughout the whole fight.  Sure, that doesn’t sound to difficult but then you remember there is swarm guardians you have to AE down.  Not to mention the Feral Defender that spawns and pounces around (the sentries do to btw).  Maybe you’ll have to offtank them farther away from here… /shrug.
  • Thorim is another whose hard mode is a definite jump over regular difficulty.  He has more HP and at a much lower stack of lightning charges (5-6) the lightning volley can start one shotting people.

Monday night we’re gonna do Freya +1.  Going to leave up the one that increases her physical damage by 50% and see just how vicious it is.

A nice thing to note though is that doing anything in a Hard mode seems to give out Emblems of Conquest (instead of valor).  Killing Mr. FL +2 net’d us 2 Conquest which was pretty darn’d nice.


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