Too many melee?

For along time melee has been great at DPS, bad at staying alive.

My raid group has been running very melee heavy since 3.1.  We had several people who went on a hiatus during late 3.0  (mostly melee) that have returned to the game.  The difficult part is they are all good players with good deeps numbers, which makes it hard to determine who is and who isn’t going to get slotted.

Until this current boss our overabundance of melee hasn’t been to much of an issue.  We have been running (brace yourself) 7 melee deeps and 3 tanks for a total of basically 10 melee.  Which is probably 2-4 more than we need.  Like I said though we’ve managed with this number and done fine on most fights.  They are decent players so they move quickly and there isn’t much of a problem.

Last night we started working on Thorim in Ulduar25.  He’s an absolute cake-walk on 10man.  We thought we’d trounce in and pound his face, collect loot and move onto Freya.  Not so.

After getting the right group makeup in the Arena and working out the kinks in the Tunnel group we started making it to Thorim himself.  My 10 melee go in, start pwning, and a chain lightning rips through them.

Melee dead.

I thought, well, we have 4 tanks so I’ll just have two of the tanks stay out of melee to help stop the chain.  The 6 remaining melee deeps can stand in two groups of 3 which should prevent it from chaining to much.  This kind of works but not always.  Even if the melee live a little longer they can’t really move so the charged lightning volley that Thorim does ends up killing them later on in the fight.

This fight has been a nightmare for us.  We’ve spent more time on this boss than any of the others.  We have the DPS to kill Thorim, if I can figure out how to keep the melee alive long enough to do actual do that though…..

Anyway, our raid is about to start so wish me luck all!  And if you have any advice on how you keep your melee alive on Thorim just lemme know.


7 thoughts on “Too many melee?

  1. Also, oh god, I told myself I wouldn’t do this, but the grammar nerd in me can’t help it, please don’t take offense –

    but it’s “too” many melee, not “to”.


  2. Yep too many melee. I know exactly what you mean. As a long time healer I made a vow to never play a melee DPS cause they die 50% more than the ranged DPS. Whirlwinds, Ice Blocks, gas explosions from the rear of bosses, etc.

    Not to mention I get completely disorientated staring at a bosses backside.

  3. xeonio says:

    @ Averna: Welp, we spent 2 more hrs working on him and it just didn’t work out. We moved onto Freya though and pwned her after about 3 attempts. Was really happy w/that. No worries on the grammar, I know mine is horrific. A friend of mine has been bitching at me to learn then vs. than. Which I know now and work hard to make sure I am using the right one.

    @ Bobturkey: My shaman was enhancement for TBC and never again. HATE melee DPS. Every toon I have now is a healer.

    Next week I’m gonna slot 2 less melee DPS and see how it goes.

  4. I feel like there’s a plethora of melee as well! My 5-mans and 10-man raids all seem to be melee heavy. And as a disc priest, I really have a preference for non-melee since I don’t have quick AOE heal to recover when everyone stands in the whirlwind…lol.

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