Razorscale Strategy

Updated: 5.8.09

After killing Flame Leviathan you come to a cross-intersection.  To the left is Ignis, straight ahead is XT-002 Deconstructor and to the right is Razorscale. Razorscale is an optional boss however he is a relatively easy fight with some substantial pieces of loot in both 10 and 25man.

Raid Requirements:

2-3 Tanks
7 Healers
15-16 assorted DPS



10 –  3,900,000
25 – 12,550,000

Abilities: Two phases (air / ground) that she rotates between, triggered via the raid.

Phase 1: Air Phase

  • Devouring Flame – Inflicts 8,788 to 10,212 Fire damage to a player, and additional 8,788 to 10,212 Fire damage every 1 second to anyone within 6 yards of the initial impact, for 25 seconds.
  • Fireball – Inflicts 12,025 to 13,975 Fire damage.
  • Dark Rune Adds – Adds will come in waves from mole machines. One mole can spawn a Dark Rune Watcher with 1-2 Guardians, or a lone Sentinel. Up to 4 mole machines can spawn adds at any given time.

Dark Rune Watchers – Cast Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt, hitting for ~10,000 and ~5,000 Nature damage respectively.
Dark Rune Guardians – Cast Stormstrike, which increases the Nature damage done to the target.
Dark Rune Sentinels – Vrykul model.  Cast Whirlwind, hitting for ~9,000 Physical damage on plate.

Phase 2: Ground Phase

  • Flame Buffet – Increases the Fire damage an enemy takes by 1,500 for 1 minute, stacking up to 99 times.
  • Wing Buffet – Knocks back enemies in 35 yards radius around the caster.
  • Fuse Armor – Reduces armor, attack and movement speed by 20% for 20 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. 5 stacks will render the tank unable to act.
  • Flame Breath – Inflicts 17,500 to 22,500 Fire damage to enemies in a cone in front of the caster. Affected by Flame Buffet.
  • Devouring Flame – Inflicts 8,788 to 10,212 Fire damage to a player, and additional 8,788 to 10,212 Fire damage every 1 second to anyone within 6 yards of the initial impact, for 25 seconds.

Setup Map


Run Through:

Razorscale starts in an air phase.

Before the event is triggered the raid needs to move into position.  A hunter preferably (but anyone w/high HP) needs to stand around where the number 1 is on the setup map.

Razorscale’s Devouring Flame ability targets the person closest to her.  The closest spot to her will be directly under her. This ability works kind of weird.  When you start the fight you have a PLAYER standing on/around the 1.  They will get all of the Devouring Flames.  After she goes back up into the air the second time she is in a new spot (2).  At this point she will target pets for her Devouring Flame ability and you can leave a hunter pet or felhound on her.  It takes very little to keep the pet healed.

A healer should be standing between the Harpoon Turrets and where the pet / player is absorbing the Devouring Flames.  The healer heals themselves as well as keeping the pet alive.  The healer is also responsible for notifying the raid to move in for grounding Razorscale.

Note: I use a priest here as Power Word: Shield and Prayer of Mending greatly increase the healers ability to live since they will be responsible for themselves (read: OOR to everyone else).

During the air phase Dark Rune adds will be spawning.  If dwarves spawn (Watchers / Guardians) then the Watchers should be killed first as they do a chain lightning ability.  If a Sentinel spawns (they are the only Dark Rune add with a Vrykul model) one of the tanks should pull it away from the raid and the ranged needs to burn it down as the whirlwind will eat melee in 25man (not quite as vicious in 10man).

When the healer calls that the harpoons are ready the raid needs to begin moving into the center while he activates them.  After activation Razorscale will become grounded and take extra damage.  All cooldowns need to be blown as you need to burst Razorscale to below 70% (heroism / bloodlust should be used at this time).

Grounded and above 50% – After 30 seconds if Razorscale is still above 50% then she will fly back up into the air.  The pet needs to be repositioned where the number 2 is and the healer can stand in the raid.  Rinse and repeat the air phase.  It is highly unlikely you will burn Razorscale to 50% on her first grounding (60-70% is what you should shoot for).  No adds spawn during this 30 seconds so whatever is still up should just be off tanked while the raid burns the shit out of Razorscale.  Healers should be nuking / dot’ing as well.

Note: If you fail to get Razorscale to 50% on the second grounding it is highly likely you will run into her hard enrage timer (10 minute enrage timer).  You will also need to reposition the Devouring Flames pet closer to the raid, roughly between where 2 and the raid are on the setup map.

Grounded and below 50% – Once Razorscale hits 50% she becomes permanently grounded.  She needs to immediately be picked up by a tank (read: taunted).  All healers need to switch to the main tank at this time. The easiest option is for the tank to continually walk backwards around the circle on the ground.  It’s the easiest way to make sure you moving in a uniform manner.  The ranged stay within the middle of the circle and the melee attack from the inside as well, making it easier for them to avoid the Devouring Flame patches.

She will also be doing an ability called Fuse Armor on the Main Tank (MT) which stacks to 5, each stack decreasing the movement speed by 20%.  At 5 stacks the tank will become immobile and lose aggro.  I suggest around 2 or 3 that an off-tank (OT) taunts off the MT and they simply keep switching as to prevent either of them from completely losing aggro.

After grounded Razorscale will be applying stacks of Flame Buffet.  This is mostly irrelevant to the raid itself but does not bode well for the MT.  At higher stacks the MT can easily be one shotted by Flame Breath and will take large chunks of damage from the Devouring Flame patches she spawns.

Note: As she’s being slowly moved, melee need to pay attention not to stand in flame patches.

Healer’s Note:  I wasn’t quite ready for the burst damage that is hitting random players.  The Fireballs come fast and furious and be ready with quick heals to keep people alive.  Priests, when she becomes grounded the second time is a great period to use your shadowfiend as it will do increased damage (thus returning more mana).


2 thoughts on “Razorscale Strategy

  1. Doxa says:

    Did you make that setup map? If so, did you just use a screenshot or was there another tool involved?


  2. xeonio says:

    I came back in a day after we killed him so all the stuff had despawned and SS’d it. Then I just edited it via photoshop.

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