New Disc Gear List!

FINALLY!  Gawd I know!  Everyone (all of 3 of you) have been waiting a week now for me to get this finished.


Now, it is highly unlikely that you have read past the “FINALLY!”  but if you are still reading you might want to know why it has taken so long?  Well, I could tell you that I went out of town this weekend.  That I had to edit my edited spreadsheet (and finished around 2am Monday night).  Then I had to figure out layout and aesthetics (which I spend more time doing on any project than I spend actually writing it), that was Tuesday.  Wednesday severe thunderstorms took away my internet at work.  At home I managed to lose 2hrs of work when our power blinked.  Then, today, I finished it!

That’s not very exciting though.

And certainly NOT a true story.

Ya see, what really happend is this…..

<enter dream sequence>

I knew the gear list was srs bsnss (read: serious business).  I had been looking around trying to find some stat weights, found some, didn’t like ’em, and found someone else who had better ones.

I got to work immediately on building the spreadsheet.  I abused a gnome named Wowhead to help me get the list of items easier.

This gnome had friends though, Delinia a Dwarf Priest in my healing squad, is one of them.  She summoned me to her house (her husband has a ‘lock alt) and used her cooking skill to disarm me and one of her lackies, Zalana, a rogue to poison to me.

I finally woke up 2 days later, in a ditch in my pajamas with homeless hair.  I had tread marks on my chest.  A nearby puddle reflected, “Decon Trash Wuz Hur” scrawled across my forehead.

That wench, she sold me out.


I accepted the quest.  I checked my log for specifics, “Kill Delinia and loot [Laptop].  Then use [Laptop] to appease Thereza Kew.”

I’d need help of course, I wasn’t sure who to get though.  I’d need a tank.  I considered my friend Shadowfaux but didn’t want to deal with his 17 children we’d have to bring along.  Slaw came to mind but he was at a rave and couldn’t be bothered.  I decided Greydune since he had a deeps fiancee, Marisse.

I could heal them since I wouldn’t have the interweb to distract me.

We set out….. [ to be continued ].


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