New Stat Weights & Gear List (in the works)

jumblednumberspurThe current list for Discipline Priest Gear uses some outdated stat weights from  I’ve been looking for an updated stat weight and come across two seperate ones.

Bobturkey has listed his stat weights for both Discipline and Holy.  If you check out his blog he is working on a series of posts that explains where he got his numbers from.  A rough overview is that he is using the outline presented by Dwarfpriest and updating it to apply to todays Priests.  Bobs and Dwarf’s stats are both based off of longevity.  This is the route I tend to agree with.  If I’m OOM I can’t cast a spell and if I have more mana I can heal more and help out others who are stumbling.

Their list also has crit ranked slightly higher than haste.  You can scour the net and find countless discussions for one over the other.  This comes down mainly to your healing style and what makes you feel the most comfortable.  I use Penance on CD, PW:S, and Flash Heal.  If I need a G.Heal then I PW:S someone and use Borrowed Time(BT) to cast it.  Because of my choice in spell usage it puts me at a soft cap for haste.  Flash Heals can’t have a cast time faster than 1 second because the Global Cooldown can’t go below 1 second.  Note this is just a soft cap as further haste won’t help my Flash Heal but it will help Penance, POH (very important with its new targetability), and G.Heal (if I need to cast it).  Now, if your spell usage is different and you find yourself using lots of G.Heals than that soft haste cap is much higher (I don’t have any numbers, but its likely you won’t hit it).

Due to my style of healing I’m also going to agree with the weights given to crit and haste.  The soft cap I’m shooting for is pretty low making it easy to hit, even on accident.  The changes to Divine Aegis and POH targetability makes crit much more useful than it used to be.

The only stat weight I disagree with is the weight given to stamina.  Stamina gives no direct healing benefit but the general argument is that if you are dead you can’t heal.  During TBC a lot of healers were wearing Primal Mooncloth in the early tiers.  This gear had great healing stats, but no stamina.  This led to REALLY low health on healers that would just get annihilated by the smallest thing.  This isn’t so anymore.  Healing gear doesn’t lack stamina and if you are in Ulduar you will notice it is inflated on a lot of gear.  Because of this I don’t think it should have a weight, you will get it without trying.

The second set of values I have come across are from a reputable place, Elitist Jerks in the Discipline Healing Compedium.  There is a lot of math behind these stat weights.  The Doctor, the author of the thread, has a lot of invaluable information and helpful tips.  He has seperate weights for Throughput and Longevity.  He combines the two for a stat weighting that is 60% throughput and 40% longevity.

I disagree greatly with the combined stat weights since it gives throughput a higher standing (even if its only 60%).  Intellect is a prime stat for Discipline Priests, which he mentions lower in his post but the weight value for it is much lower than I would expect.

I’ve considered several options on how to handle this dual set of weights.  I thought about just taking the numbers that ‘looked’ the most right to me but that seems a bit… wrong.  Whats the point of the math if I just sweep it aside?  I decided against that.

Then I thought maybe I’d just put my spreadsheet up for download.  I could then provide both of the sets of stat weights and people could choose / alter based on what they thought best for themselves.  I decided against this as well.

Ultimately this is my blog with my opinions so I should do that, give you the gear list that I think is optimal based off of some proven information.  I’ve decided to go with Bobturkey’s stat weights minus the stamina value.

My spreadsheet is almost complete and once its done I just have to plugin the stat weights and determine whats the best socketing for said item.  When I’ve done that I can redo the current gear list.  Assuming I can catch up with my Tivo and a buttload of raiding I should have it up by Monday.

Updated 4.30.09 – The new gear list is posted under the Guides section.


2 thoughts on “New Stat Weights & Gear List (in the works)

  1. The stat weight for stamina came about because earlier on, while leveling, gear like Spellweave Robe ( was coming up as best in slot. I wasn’t comfortable being a glass-healing-cannon, so the stamina weighting came about.

    Your point of view re:stamina is probably pretty common though.

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