They’re back… but with less vengeance.


Yep, they’re back, the Deconstructor’s trash packs.  They aren’t as fierce as they were but still pretty rough if you aren’t prepared.  There are two packs when you enter the Deconstructor’s room.  One to the left and one to the right (according to the Minimap the SW and SE corners of his room).  Each pack has 4 types of mobs and 8 total mobs.  I’ll have to recheck on the melee damage of the mobs but I don’t honestly remember it being that significant.  The main issues were the combination of abilities the mobs used to tear you apart.  A few of the abilities are AE intensive so its important to spread out (especially healers).


XR - 949 Salvagebot

XR - 949 Salvagebot

XR – 949 Salvagebotx2 / pack

  • Deploy Salvage Saws – Summons a Saw Blade that seems to randomly choose a target.  They are targetable and need to be killed quickly although if you are AEing they tend to die quickly.  The blade will stay on its random target until that person is dead then move to another.  I’m not 100% sure of this but I believe it was hitting those around its target as well because the melee were all getting stacks of the bleed in a pretty horrendous kind of way.  The most stacks I saw were 22 (which requires a bit of spammage).


XD – 175 Compactobotx2 / pack

XD - 175 Compactobot

XD - 175 Compactobot

  • Trash Compactor – A wonderful pounce-like ability that was highly unexpected.  The Compactobot pounces on someone and when he lands causes an AE stun + damage component.  They tended to do it at the same time which caused heavy damage when the ranged weren’t spread out.  The ability does have a minimum range though, much like any pounce or charge ability.  I wouldn’t suggest clumping your raid in melee though.


XB - 488 Disposalbot

XB - 488 Disposalbot

XB – 488 Disposalbotx2 / pack

  • Cut Scrap Metal – The ability states that it inflicts 4k’ish damage every second for 4 seconds and that it is channeled.  It also says the range is 40 yards.  It looks like the red cutting laser beams like the robots in Borean Tundra do.  It also seems to target randomly.
  • Self Destruct – When they get low they need to be focused as they will explode for large amounts of damage.


Parts Recovery Technicianx2* / pack

Parts Recovery Technician

Parts Recovery Technician

  • Defense Matrix – This ability is REALLY hard to miss.  It creates a large yellow bubble that decreases the damage the mobs take by 90% and heals them by 5%.  This is the reason you kill them first.  This ability will heal them as well.
  • Mechano Kick – Charge that knocks someone back and does some damage.  Didn’t seem very significant and I don’t think it locks you out of a spell school if you were casting.


Tanking: Three tanks for this is more than enough.  Two tanks need to pickup the robots and hold them while another pulls Parts Recovery Technicians out to be single burned.  It is important that the tanks pull the mobs out of any Defense Matrices that are spawned (especially the one tanking the Parts Recovery Technicians).

Healing: One healer on each tank should be enough with one backing them up in case they get stunned.  The rest should have no problem keeping the raid up.

Kill Order: Technicians, Salvagebot, Compactobot, Disposalbot. Make sure the raids spread out!

* – As of 4.25.09 there is only 2 Technicians now instead of 4 on heroic.


2 thoughts on “They’re back… but with less vengeance.

  1. Kyultu says:

    The Cut Scrap-Metal ability looks like a lazer beam and seems to target at random.

    The burst on the tanks is from the Technician’s Mechano-kick.

    Saws are targtet-able and should be brought down by 1 or 2 range assigned only to that job.

    Kill order should be: Technicians, Salvagebot, Compactobot, Disposalbot.

    Disposalbots need to be bursted down 1 at a time or they self-destruct for what I assume is significant AoE damage.

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