Ulduar – First 4 Bosses part 2

My raid group group went back in for another 3 hrs tonight to play in Ulduar 10 and made some considerably better progression tonight.  It took us a bit to finalize a strategy on the Deconstructor but when we finally got it implemented it worked like a charm.  He has a very short, 6 minute enrage timer that goes by SUPER FAST!  I’ll try to get a writeup on it ASAP.  It took about an hour / hour and a half to get that done then we moved back over to Razorscale.  Mainly because our Holy Paladin, Kraylarra (sounds close to Kraylessa the Disc Priest huh… yea, same person), wanted a trinket he drops.  I must say the trinket is hella nice, Eye of the Broodmother, and when she gets it I’m going to snag up the second one.

Something just clicked for us tonight though and Razorscale went down on the 3rd attempt.  We balanced the raid splits this time around with mixed melee / ranged instead of ranged one direction and melee another.  We also had a bear tank instead of a paladin (not sure if this really changed the dynamics that much).  I wish I could explain it, I really do but all the pieces just fell into place.  One minute we were damaging him when he was locked to the ground and then he was stuck there being tanked and we were killing him.  The flame buffet was getting pretty nasty and we lost our main tank but our kitty shifted and RAWR’D into picking him up.  Only lost two peeps for a kill that made me a bit giddy.  No trinket though, oh well, there’s always next week!

After that we decided to skip Ignis.  He has been super buggy and we just didn’t want to deal with his shit.  We headed up into the Antechamber and its friggin’ awesome in there.  The zone looks AMAZING.  We cleared some tough trash and I wanted to go right to check out one of the rooms on the map.  Our main tank, Shadowfaux, decided he wanted to check at the top of this amazing set of stairs.  All of a sudden we hear this loud shrill girl scream and the other guy that followed him laughing his ass off.  I don’t want to spoil it but suffice to say Shadowfaux managed to find a surprise that scared the poop out of him.  We were laughing our asses off.

There was also a list of hot fixes applied tonight, the more major ones (imo) are highlighted with some comments from myself.


  • We have altered XT-002 Deconstructor’s heart aggro radius down to 60 yards so players will no longer get stuck in combat when at the entrance to his room.
  • My raid group didn’t experience any issues with this so I’m not sure what it is talking about.  Apparently it was significant though?
  • The trash mobs before XT-002 Deconstructor have temporarily been disabled. These mobs will return in the future after we have resolve the issue with them being linked.
  • This is a nice fix as dealing with those two groups was VERY troublesome our first night.
  • Shattering a Construct during the Ignis the Furnace Master encounter will now decrease the number of Strength of the Creator stack buffs he has by one.
  • One of the many things that have had to be fixed with this boss.  It makes me leery of how broken some of the later encounters might be.
  • You can no longer check the box to make your character “at war” with the Sunreavers faction.
  • Upon completion of the quest “The Last Line of Defense” you will continue to the proper phase for the story in Icecrown.
  • We have hotfixed the damage of the Warlock spell Conflagrate from 100% to 70% of Immolate’s total periodic damage instantly. The tooltip may still show 100% until a future update though.
  • Death knights casting Reaping will no longer cause Pestilence to convert 2 Blood Runes into Death Runes.
  • The Dark Rune Sentinels in the 10 player Razorscale encounter have had hit points and damage reduced.
  • The effects of Meltdown will no longer be able to be bypassed by using Divine Shield.
  • Each difficulty level of Flame Leviathon’s hard modes have had the boss’s health increased.
  • Lots of guilds I know of have already done this with one tower left up without much difficulty.  I’m pretty sure on 10man we could left a tower up but we didn’t.  This should help to make this actually somewhat difficult.
  • We have temporarily removed Emblems of Valor and Emblems of Conquest from all levels of difficulty from the chest, Freya’s Gift, that you receive upon completion of the Freya encounter. We will restore these in a future patch when the issue has been resolved.
  • The enrage time for the Razorscale encounter has been increased to 10 minutes.
  • I saw a lot of talk complaining about how fast he would jump to enrage but I’m pretty sure you don’t actually need 10 minutes to do this.  The second time we harpoon’d him to the ground we got him to 50%.
  • The Dark Rune Watchers will no longer cast chain lightning while moving.
  • Elemental Mastery will no longer allow a player to cast 2 spells instantly.
  • Ignis the Furnace Master should no longer melee attack the players he is picking up.
  • This is the big bug that kept us from going to Ignis.  We knew the aforementioned stacking had been fixed this morning but with no reliable way to deal with 22k hits to non-tanks it left us with no option but to skip it.  We’ll be starting on him tomorrow, hopefully adding him to the kill collection.

Holy just hasn’t been what I remembered.  Greater Heal is nice and I must say the changes to Renew are absolutely AMAZING but… its not enough for me to lose out on Penance and Divine Aegis and Borrowed Time and well… the Discipline tree. So…

I’m back to Discipline!

It’s late, 2 am so I’m gonna head to bed and I’ll give you all a better fleshed out update on spec and such tomorrow.  It’s where I do my best blogging =)


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