Ulduar 10 – First 4 Bosses

Well 3.1 went live yesterday.  My server, Silver Hand, came up about an hour before our scheduled raid.  We were all super pumped to go to Ulduar.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many people so energized to go somewhere.  Everyone was talking about which mods were working, where to get it, initial strategy for the first boss.  We were ready yo.

We got in our vehicles and started clearing the trash and I was like awesome, this is actually difficult.  We cleared all the trash up to Flame Leviathan and then got him to about 80% before we were just annihilated.  We got back to the zone, got back to Mr. FL and managed to get him to 50%!  OMG we were so psyched.  A boss that we didn’t 2 shot?!  Was this zone going to be actually hard?!  We all started running back…

“Did someone turn it to heroic?” asked a random raider.

“What?” I said over vent.

“It’s on heroic!” someone managed to giggle out.

/commence raid laughing their asses off

so yea… I realized that I hadn’t turned it off heroic when we entered.  We managed to waste an hour clearing all the trash for Flame Leviathan and then we managed to get him to 50%… with 10 people.  A friend txt’d me and asked if we just couldn’t wait till Friday (that’s when our Ulduar25 is).  We reset it to Ulduar 10, mowed through trash and made it to Mr. Flame Leviathan.

Our second attempt on 10 manning Ulduar25 Flame Leviathan we realized what was going on with the overload so we were going to attempt to employ that tactic on 10man.  One of our peeps missed getting shot on top of the Mr. FL and I figured it was a wipe.  We kept on anyway and one shotted him.  We also ended up with Achievement: Shutout which was kewl.

After FL I figured we’d head over to Ignis.  Give him a test out since everyone pwn’d him on the PTR.  Well, apparentlly they buffed him a lot and bugged his butt out to.  It was hotfixed this morning, but last night when you would kill one of the constructs he spawned he wouldn’t lose one of his stacks of bonus damage.  We also found that the adds spawned REALLY fast on 10man.  REALLY FAST!  We could barely get a construct to molten before we’d have 2+ more adds spawned.  When he does the Flame Eruption and knocks people in the air he goes after someone for the Slag Pot.  Living through the Slag Pot earns you, Achievement: Hot Pocket (Kraylessa says, “Best achievement name eva.”).  Problem is he drops aggro when people are in the air so when he grabs a person for the slag pot he melees them.  22k melee hit on our holy paladin was bad sauce.   We made a couple more attempts on him and decided to move on.

Next up we tried Razorscale out.  This fight definitely has that ‘been there, done that’ feeling just with a new flavor.  The fight is hectic and I can’t say that I paid much attention to what the harpoon fixin’ dorfs were even doing.  The Iron Dorfs spawn in waves and have a few different abilities.  One of them does a chain lightning, which we found out is pretty nasty if you try to clump up.  We had to split the raid into a North and South team because of this.  We also had an elite-elite spawn that whirlwinds and srsly fux your melee up.  We got Razorscale to the ground twice before we ran out of raid time (only had it scheduled for 3hrs and wasted an hour trying to 10man Ulduar25).  This fight is definitely doable though.

After you kill Mr. FL you are at a cross intersection.  To the left is Ignis (I didn’t talk about his trash cuz it is awesome trash and I don’t want to spoil it).  To the right is Razorscale and his dorfs (which is racist cuz all the soldiers are dorfs and the Captain is a human).  Directly ahead is the Deconstructor who has 2 sets of trash.  They were bugged last night, linked together so you had to deal with two groups (Hotfix this morning removed them).  We decided to take a shot at Deconstructor before we called the raid and about 5 of us went in to test him out.  We got him down about 1mil of his 6mil health before we wiped.  We didn’t get the adds to spawn but overall the fight seems REALLY simple.  We did way better than expected with just 5 people on him.  We laughed a bit more and everyone headed out to go do random shit before their bed times.

We had a fuckton of fun in Ulduar.  The trash (so far) is innovative enough and fun at the same time.  The bugs were to be expected so not a big deal.  I give the game two thumbs up and can’t wait to go back tonight.  Which is gonna be rough because I have a Naxx25 (4-7pm PST) and then Ulduar10 (7pm-10pm PST).  I think we’ll kill Deconstructor tonight and should be able to get Ignis or Razorscale.


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