Mountain O’ Mounts 30/100

Since the last update I have spent some money and bought the rest of my Nether Rays from the Skyguards.  With 3.1 looming on the horizon we’ve fleshed out our raid schedule and it doesn’t leave much time for the tier 7 content.  We already do Naxx25 & Malygos25 on fridays in a bit under 4hrs and Sarth 3D in about 2-3hrs.

When 3.1 goes live Ulduar will take our two main raiding days, Friday night and Saturday afternoon.  We’ll be moving Naxx25 / Malygos25 / Sarth25 to Sunday in a 4-5hr raid.  People are going to want to take their alts to Tier 7 content, which I’m fine with but there’s no way we’re gonna be doing Sarth 3D.

This left me with one option, to blow my load of pts and buy…..

Twilight Drake from Sartharion25 +3

Twilight Drake from Sartharion25 +3

I’m absolutely in love with him.  Its kind of funny though cuz I sit cockeyed, so when you look at me from the front I’m hanging off the drakes left side.  Oh well, he’s still uber looking!


2 thoughts on “Mountain O’ Mounts 30/100

  1. Hehe Gratz!!! That’s great, I’m on 76/100 at the moment… Saving up for rare drops now and the PvP mounts, so basicly I have to be lucky to get around 80/100. My guild will go full on Ulduar leaving T7 behind us till Ulduar is cleared.

  2. xeonio says:

    Thanks much and grats on your number, thats awesome! I can’t imagine being that much closer to ’em.

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