Arena Server Tourney Over

It all started with an idea.  That idea turned out to be a lot of fun….. and tears.

We were mowing threw them when we started.  We had 100 of the required 200 done within the first week.  Then Kraylessa got busy and wasn’t able to do it.  The week after that I had people in town from out of state and country so I was barely able to raid, much less PVP.  Then, this last week (which was also the last week of the tournament) Canti had to go out of town.

He left on a Sunday and was supposed to be back mid-Saturday.  His car broke down though and he was stranded with a poopy laptop and no Ventrilo.  We did about 30 matches and called it quits.  I think we lost all 30.  He left to get his car fixed and said he’d be back midday Sunday.

So… 6pm rolls around and Canti finally decides to showup.  By this time I’m panicky, thinking maybe his car exploded or was hijacked (my mind is pretty quick to imagine the worst / weirdest possible scenarios).  He logs in and says he overslept, I’m thankful he’s alive but a bit angry since I had to cancel a raid that was scheduled so we could finish.

We get started and it takes us a bit to warmup.  We are down to about 1300’s at this point and its not pretty.  We lost to a few teams that were AFK.  In retrospect thats funny shit… at the time it was /cry.  We started to get our groove on and catching up to our losses when all of a sudden (I say all of a sudden but it took a few hrs) we get an achievement!  We hit 1550 rating (around 180 games played)!  It finally feels like its really paying off.

Apparently at 1550 is where all the good teams live.  We peaked at 1560 and then teetered back and forth between 1500-1550, ending at 1521.


I don’t suggest doing 70 Arena matches in one day (if PvP isn’t something you really enjoy).  I was really hoping to end with a 50% win percentage but we fell a bit shy of it. We did have a metric fuckton of fun though.

We won’t be getting a title though.  You had to be in the top 1000 AND play 200 matches to get the title.  Which kind of sux, because if you didn’t get 200 matches played (but are in the top 1000) you have just prevented someone else from getting a title.  I’m not sure when we get our Armored Murloc, I can’t wait to see him.  We had to work our asses off to get him.  I figure he’ll come to us in 3.1!

  • Spending 10mins in an Arena while the other team kept Kraylessa MC’d (it was a highlight because it let Canti and myself take a pee break).
  • Watching Canti own a warrior and a druid after Kraylessa and I had passed on.
  • Solo’ing several healers with Mana Burn and Shadow Word: Pain.

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