Burnout = Change

I’ve started several drafts, some of them being the same and quickly abandoned them.  I’m fighting a major case of burnout with WoW at the moment.  My main form of entertainment, raiding, is on farm.  Our recent conquering of Sartharion +3 has left us with nothing but achievements to work on.

I hate achievements.

Luckily for me we’ve decided not to waste time trying to do them now.  No one wants to spend 4hrs in Naxx25 trying to get achievements when we could full clear it in under 3.  Sydera at World of Matticus sums it up much better in this post.

This has left me with a ‘what to do’ feeling.  I’ve scoured the sites looking at 3.1 information, mainly loot and how pretty it looks.  I’ve read up on some of the bosses trying to get a feel for them and even watched a few of the live streams, which is pretty awesome to watch.

I’ve also been heavily contemplating going back to Holy.  I enjoyed Discipline, it was fun, but I like healing the raid.  Holy does that far more efficiently than Disicipline does now and my first love, Renew, is getting an amazing talent upgrade  (Empowered Renew 3/3: Your Renew spells gain an additional 15% of your bonus healing effects, and your Renew spell will instantly heal the target for 15% of the total periodic effect).  That’s pretty sweet.

I have an older copy of my toon on the test server (he’s missing some of my most recent upgrades) and logged him in to check out the possibilities of going Holy again.  The changes in the way each spec works is a great time to rethink my priorities, which is raid healing and to focus my spec more on that.

MMO-Champion.com has an update to talent calculator HERE that allows you to see the changes of 3.1.  Using that talent calculator I’ve come up with this rough Holy spec.  It’s untested and will require some testing tweeks but that will happen when 3.1 rolls out.  Some of the reasons I chose certain things over others…..

Soul Warding > Guardian Spirit:  It took awhile, but I got used to using Pain Suppression on tanks as an oh shit button.  I can easily see Guardian Spirit replacing that, but I’m not tank healing anymore.  I’m raid healing.  Being able to spam PW:S, also at a 30% reduced mana cost, will be extremely helpful I think.  Much more helpful than being able to save someone roughly every 3 minutes.

Blessed Resilience(BR) 3/3 instead of Divine Providence(DP) 5/5 (4/5 atm):  Blessed Resilience used to be a PvP talent that used to reduce your ability to get crit, it now also increases your healing by 1% per point.  Divine Providence increases healing of POH, POM, COH, Binding, Holy Nova, and Divine Hymn by 2%.  Its a tough call whether to have 1% to all my spells or 2% to specific spells.  I’ll have to review my WWS post 3.1 to see if I should be switching that 1 point, but for now I think the increase to Greater Heal and Renew is worth it.

Blessed Resilience > Surge of Light(SoL)?:  I struggled with this one.  COH almost guarantees an SoL proc (or it used to, haven’t had these talents in awhile).  While I would need an addon so that I could pay attention to my SoL proc its a free instant Flash Heal that could be worth it.  I think this choice is going to effected a lot by what my main heals turn out to be.  If I endup moving 1 point out of BR then it is likely I will drop it and pickup SoL.

A big change to the Holy tree is how Holy Concentration works.  Holy Concentration now increases your mana regen from spirit by 50% for 8 seconds after critically healing with a Flash, G.Heal, Binding, or Renew.  Even with the nerfs to spirit mana regen I expect this talent to significantly outshine the mana return that Discipline is getting.

Another interesting talent is Body & Soul 2/2, when you PW:S someone their movement speed increases by 60% for 4 seconds and when you cast Abolish Disease on yourself it has a 100% chance to also cure a poison effect.  An awesome PvP talent change, just in a spot I would consider horrible.  It is deep in the Holy tree and we all know that if you are PvP’ing, you are Discipline.  Granted, I don’t PvP much but I don’t think Holy has what it takes to work in an Arena setting.

I’ve rambled enough today, again sorry for my delays in postings to those who are still sticking around to read me =)


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