Theme Update(d and implemented)

If you are visiting the site today you might notice that it keeps changing.  I’m undergoing a theme update and changes in banners.  I want a better idea of how the banners I’m working on will look like so it’ll be changing periodically.  If you happen to see one you like more then the others as I’m shifting it then feel free to let me know, always love input!

Update:  The Theme has been finalized and implemented.  New banner is in place and I’m really excited about how it turned out.

I also wanted to think all those who have commented on posts or linked my babble.  Special thanks to Averna (Nerf this druid), Esdras (Indecisive Priest), Dueg (Holy Dueg), Leafy (Leafshine) and Kraylessa.  If it wasn’t for you all I wouldn’t have been so apt to implement changes.  I noticed you had me linked and I wanted to share that favor but the old design didn’t allow for that.  Now I can proudly showoff some of my new friends!



2 thoughts on “Theme Update(d and implemented)

  1. xeonio says:

    awww =(

    Actually… It never even crossed my mind to alter it so the head matched the blue on the right side. I’ma have to go try that out actually.


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