Armored Murloc!

Monday I started compiling my post for the Sartharion 3D tanked by a Voidwalker post when the treacherous Kraylessa instant messaged me.  She was talking and I was pretending to listen as usual when I suddenly realized I had agreed to do the World of Warcraft Arena Tournament.

PvP isn’t something I really enjoy.  I did it semi-hardcore back in the day when you had to PvP for hours and days to get a new rank each week.  I have my Knight-Captain title still which is kewl but other then that I don’t really mess with it.  I tried doing Arenas back in TBC and found that I hated it.  Arenas would spin me into a new realm of pissed off.  It was especially bad before I grabbed a bunch of resilience gear and was able to live more then 3 seconds.

Armored MurlocWhen Kraylessa showed me the Armored Murloc though, I wet myself.  It looks AMAZING! She also said that it was account bound so all my toons could run around with it!  I immediately signed up for it.  We started talking about who was going to be our third and I mentioned a Rogue friend of mine, Canti.  I have his number IRL so I called him up and asked if he wanted to do it.  He was totally game for it so he got signed up as well.  I went back to IM’ing Kray and since we get premades we decided to make horde (we’re Alliance on our real servers).  I’ve always loved the way the Blood Elves looked so I made my priest a male BE.  Kray went with a female BE and Canti is a male BE (but someone had his name so he had to go with Kanti /sad panda).  Kray and I went priest of course, both discipline.

Kray found some useful macro’s for us at  She looked up the top Arena teams until she found one with a priest whose spec we could copy.  A bit of testing found that the opposing team ignores Canti, our Assassination Rogue, so he is in full dps gear.  I think he’s wearing a ring or necklace that has resilience as well as his PvP trinket but whatever.

Our tactic is simple, if there is a Warlock then Canti sticks on it regardless of what the other team has.  Kray heals Canti while I manaburn the other teams healer.  When the healer goes OOM the Warlock dies then we kill the other DPS and then the healer.  If they have no Warlock then Canti is on their healer, unless it is a druid then he gets on something else (usually a DK, cuz every team but ours has one).

You have to play 200 matches to get the Armored Murloc which is a lot, but you have 4 weeks to do it.  We went in with the desire just to get the pet and if we get the title it’s a bonus.  We’re having a TON of fun.  OH!  I forgot to mention our team name…

...Two Hotties One Naughty.

...Two Hotties One Naughty.

Wish us luck!


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