Random Update #83

This update brought you by my laptop.

My desktop is currently having some issues.  My power supply was making a grinding noise, the kind I’d imagine you hear when they make ground beef /shudder.  I replaced it and thought that was solved.  I somehow managed to mess up my CPU fan though as I can’t get it to stay attached to the motherboard.  When it comes loose my CPU overheats and autoturns off to prevent it from burning itself out.  I don’t know though if thats the reason that when it does stay on that my video card stops responding (ATI said its either overheating, not enough power, bad memory, or any plethora of other things).  /shrug


I hadn’t planned on updating my mounts total for awhile but I’m up to 29/100 now.  I bought the rest of my Nether Ray’s from the Skyguard and managed to pickup a rather rare mount.

Archavon 25's Grand Black War Mammoth!

Archavon 25's Grand Black War Mammoth!

I almost poop’d myself when I saw it on the corpse.  I hadn’t spent any of my DKP for quite some time and unloaded a fuckton of it to win this.  I thought I had saved myself 20k by getting this guy but he doesn’t come w/the vendors.  He does have 2 extra seats though so I’m happy with that!  We also just finished,

Achievement:  For The Alliance!

Achievement: For The Alliance!

…the achievement is, “For The Alliance!” and requires you to kill the four horde leaders.  We did it in about an hour which was way faster then I expected at at 5pm server time.  I was hoping for a bit more of a resistance from the Horde but they put up none.




Power Word: Barrier was recently brought up, and GC made a reply to it…

We’d still like to do Barrier, but some of the revamps ended up more extensive than we planned. At this point we’d rather make what we have taste good instead of throwing new ingredients into the stew, but it’s an idea we still like.

I’ve gotten over the Rapture changes and had managed to get excited about relearning my current healing style.  This makes me sad though.  I was really looking forward to this spell and I hope they hear the outcry and try to get it to working properly.  I really loved the idea of the spell and I think it would really help discipline out a lot.




Another exciting thing to note is that we’ve made some serious progress on Sartharion +3.  We were really worried at first because we don’t have a Druid or Death Knight which is pretty much required for the fight.  We have been using the ‘frowned upon’ method of having a Demonologist Warlock’s Voidwalker tank Sartharion.  If the Warlock spec’s deep demonology and puts on heavy stamina gear then the Warlock’s Voidwalker has insane amount of HP.  Our Warlock’s Voidwalker had about 55k hp with just fort / kings on it and a Discipline Priest was able to solo heal him.

It was REALLY exciting trying it this way, because you can position Sartharion in a spot thats farther away then normal allowing for more movement room.  I’ll go into more specifics tomorrow since I’ve already rambled on enough tonight!


2 thoughts on “Random Update #83

  1. xeonio says:

    The best part is when you get two peeps to ride w/you. When we did the horde leaders the day after that I had two of my healers riding on the back and we looked fierce!

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