Mountain o’ Mounts (23/100)

3.1 is still probably a month or two away so in the meantime I’m having to find other ways to occupy my time.  I’ve been slowly working towards the Mountain o’ Mounts achievement.  I already had a few of the PvP mounts obtained from back in the day so I figured I would finish those up.  I’ve been doing lots of battlegrounds (Arathi Basin, Warsong Gulch, and Alterac Valley) in my freetime.  The Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch marks were actually kind of fun to obtain.  I’m not a heavy PvPer as it tends to send me into a whole new realm of pissed off but those two battlegrounds weren’t so bad.  Alterac Valley though has been, insane amounts of pain.

In my battle group the Alliance has decided that going in there is a waste of time.  Almost every match in AV I did was 10 alliance v. 40 horde.  While I’m not advocating standing AFK in a any battleground… in this instance I’m totally fine with it.  I obtained 150 AV Marks of Honor, one at a time.  I still needed about 20 last night when I realized it was AV weekend.  I zoned in and found 40 alliance v 20 horde.  I nearly pee’d myself.  I promptly finished off the last AV marks I needed and bought my last pvp mount.

A lot of free time.

A lot of free time.

That pic is a bit tiny but from left to right, Black War Mammoth, Elekk, Ram, AV Ram, Horse, Strider, and Kitty.  I’ve got a raid scheduled this coming Sunday to get the For The Alliance! achievement.  You kill all 4 of the Horde city leaders and you get a black bear out of it.  I think the mount is ugly but whatever, it just adds to the number!

I’ve also been putting together about 10-15 random friends to go do AQ40.  I’m surprised at just how easy it is.  The only fights that have proven any difficulty is the big slime guy, we usually don’t do him cuz you have to do a certain number of melee hits or something when he freezes.  You also have to do a lot of frost damage to him to get him to freeze and sometimes we don’t have someone who can do that.  After that you have the Twin Emps which is still a slightly difficult fight.  It helps immensely if you have 2 paladins who can tank them.

If they get to close to each other they begin to heal.  They start off on seperate sides of the room and periodically teleport.  When they teleport they switch positions and reset aggro, often running across the room into each other, healing.  One of the Emp’s is immune to physical while the other is immune to magic.  Paladins trivialize this because they do aggro both ways which makes it easier for them to pickup the Emp.  After that is an easy boss then C’thun which is a relatively easy fight but you usually endup wiping once while the new people are understanding what the foo is going on.

Last night though, at about midnight I got my last two bugs though, blue and green.

Ahn'Qiraj Mounts

Ahn'Qiraj Mounts

They’re so pretty!  I wish I had been in high-end gaming back in the day so I could have a black one, but oh well!

I still don’t have the Netherwing or Talbuk reputations to get all those mounts.  I’m kind of dreading doing it really.  I will probably wait until 3.1 to start the Talbuk grind since I will have shadow as my dual spec.

Back to camping for new 3.1 infoz!


2 thoughts on “Mountain o’ Mounts (23/100)

  1. I actually have a talbuk and loads of other Rep mounts im exalted with all alliance factions but have such a lack of gold i cannot go and buy them all GGGGRRRR

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