Challenge Accepted

Since I’ve started doing the blogging thing I’ve tried to expand a bit more and follow other peoples blogs a bit better.  Learn from the things they do and try to make mine just as good.  I’ve seen several of these ‘blog challenges’ where a blog challenges another blog to do something.  The first challenge I accepted was Matticus’ Valentine Post, hence the Love Affair with Flash Heal.

A few days ago I saw this challenge issued to Sydera, a blogger from the World of Matticus.  I decided to take it on as well, it sounded like a ton of fun.  Only problem is I reformat my computer so often that sadly my screenshot archive is rather lackluster.  Most of my screenshots are ‘business’ oriented.  Pics of us downing bosses so I can photoshop them for our guild website, Relentless.  Other pics are things I consider important information, like when someone gives me specifics on how hard a mob is hitting or how they are utilizing dps / healers /etc or even things like IRL phone numbers (cuz I like to call people when they are late to raiding and ask them where the F*** they are).

I went and did a little grooming of my screenshots folder, moving boss pics to a folder and srs bsnss pics to a folder.  I then put ’em all in thumbnail view and counted down 6 rows and across 6 columns.  That got me this picture.

Rug Mojo

Rug Mojo

I was the first 450 tailor on our server and one of the first with a rug.  This is from 12.15.08.  During TBC I had considered dropping Tailoring since I only used it to make bags but when I saw that carpets were coming in, zomg, I couldn’t let it go.  I wish we were sitting on the carpet, meditating when flying, but I can’t bitch to much.  I really do love my rug.

Leafshine, one of the blogs challenged, had a SUPER OLD pic of her doing Deadmines for the first time way back in April of ’05.  How kewl is that?!  Makes me kind of sad I don’t have my old screenies anymore.

Anyway, I don’t really know any blogs who know me so I think that means I can’t challenge anyone… no idea.  Leafshine did it kewl in that she challenged everyone who hasn’t been challenged and would link them if they replied to her.  I’m gonna copy that and say a BIG THANKS for the challenge Leaf!


3 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

  1. I still have not made my flying carpet, was toying with dropping it for mining but have decided to keep it now.

    My screen shot on this challange is coming tommorow.

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