New Recount and GC Stuff

When you say GC (Ghostcrawler) does it kind of feel like you are saying JT (Justin Timberlake) or JC (Jesus Christ)?  Maybe its just me… an interesting comment was made by Ghostcrawler recently that I’d like to talk about,

When I say we want healers to have rotations, that doesn’t necessarily mean you always press 112311231123 forever and install cooldown timers so that you don’t go insane.

What I am really getting at are things like Swiftmend and Riptide. Swiftmend is a very fun spell — IMO one of the best ones in the game. But you can’t spam Swiftmend. In fact, you have to be pretty smart about when you set it up and when you use it. And yes it has a cooldown. Riptide has a similar mechanic where you want to X when Y happens and you can come up with a lot of other examples. Riptide is fun. Swiftmend is fun. Greater Heal… eh, it does the job. But it’s not a particularly fun button to use.

Disc gets this vibe with some of their shield mechanics, Grace and Penance. I do think that Holy could use a lot more of it though. The main “interesting thing” that happens with Holy is Holy Concentration and its Improved version. That’s not bad, but we’re not sure it’s enough. I don’t think we would actually use this specific example, but imagine a talent that sped up Greater Heal’s cast time when you cast enough Flash Heals. Now you have a reason to “weave.” You have a mechanic that rewards you (but doesn’t require you) to switch from one thing to another. Another idea (off the top of my head) is that CoH healed more on targets with Renew on them (this steals too much from the Resto playbooks IMO). These don’t necessarily have to be random procs or cooldowns, though sometimes these systems end up using those specific mechanics.

I’m not very good at editing down comments to just the relevant parts but what I find interesting is that they want to implement ‘rotations’ for healers.  Rotations is a REALLY ugly word for it, interactions is probably a better word to use.  He mentioned how Riptide (a resto shaman spell) has interactions with chain heal.  Riptide is an instant heal and then it places a hot on the person.  If the shaman casts chain heal (with that person being the first target) then chain heal will consume the riptide buff and do an increased amount of healing.  I have an 80 resto shaman that I heal with and I find it quite fun.  It does add a bit of wtf do I do to healing which kind of worries me.  As long as the newer interactions don’t decrease the current healing they will be fine, but if they require a smarter player I think we could see a decrease in the number of healers or at least good healers.  I’ve found Discipline to be much ‘thinkier’ then holy was.  Holy was a matter of using g.heal to do most every job, PWS if needed, and lots of renews.  Borrowed Time has been very exciting to work with.  I find myself shielding, blowing penance (because it doesn’t consume it) and then following up with g.heal or like Malygos, a POH.  I’m just afraid the intricacies of this new type of healing will lead to less intelligent healers being overwhelmed, thus causing tanks to die more often.  I’ve already come into a couple of situations where I’m like… do I penance now or wait for PWS cooldown so I can use borrowed time or should I flash heal in the meantime… Your Tank has died.           Fuck.

Discipline Priest Recount

It seems there is a modified version of Recount that allows discipline priests a chance to see how much damage they are absorbing with their shields.  The numbers I have been hearing are quite substantial.  Disc. priests are reporting their effective healing as 30-35% from Power Word: Shield and 12-15% from Divine Aegis.  It also pisses me off that we have to go to such extremes to get rough estimates on how much this is doing.  The game obviously tracks how much damage a shield can absorb, its evident when a shield falls and more damage is dealt then the shield can absorb.  If blizzard would be so kind as to simply tell us how much damage is being absorbed and whose shield is absorbing it then things like WWS and Recount can better track it.  If you are pissed you should go post on the forums over at world of warcraft dot com.

Priest Forum at

Healing Role Forum at


One thought on “New Recount and GC Stuff

  1. One of the biggest issues i’m having playing a Discipline Priest is my raid leaders ignorance.

    We are the only healing class left that relies on being correctly positioned in a raid with regards to groups in order to peform effectivly.

    The amount of times I have been in raids and group five is all priests overwhelms me.

    I’m of the type who wants correct raid group placement.

    I also like to make sure the healers in the raid are aware of who they should be keeping alive.

    nothing pisses me off more than healers who try to treat healing like a dps race and ignore the people in their own group.

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