Priestly Hotfixes n’ stuff

Rapture / Bubbles on Druids:

Ghostcrawler – We are hotfixing these — the fix may be out already. We are looking into the PoM issue. Just after a patch we get a ton of reports that other players can’t always reproduce. There are several “Hey, did my damage / healing go down from a stealth nerf?” posts. It’s the Onyxia Deep Breathing phenomenon.

3.1 Changes to Priests:

Ghostcrawler – We have some exciting changes planned for priests. Many of them will make it in 3.1 (Ulduar). We hope to have them finalized enough to be able to announce some in the next couple of weeks, but that date might not work out for a number of reasons. The community has a way of overlooking all those caveats such as “at this time” or “assuming nothing changes” and suddenly we are “breaking promises.” 🙂

The servers are also down atm for some maintenance.  I’m hoping its got the hotfixes for rapture in it *crosses fingers*!


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