3.0.8 Live

And Ghostcrawler said let there be a 6 second cooldown on circle of healing.

And there was.

In all reality its not as big game changing omg the world is ending as people thought it was.  I did Naxx25 tonight on my resto shaman and was pleasantly suprised when I found I had something to do.  On to the important stuff though!

  • Abolish Disease and Cure Disease can now be cast while in Shadowform.
  • Holy: Circle of Healing now has a 6 second cooldown.
  • Levitate is now castable on others.
  • Mana Burn: Now burns a percentage of maximum mana.
  • Shadow
    • Shadowform: You can now shift into Shadowform while mounted or sitting.
    • Vampiric Embrace- Mana cost of this spell has been removed.
  • Dispersion: This ability can no longer be cast while affected by Cyclone; doing so consumed the cooldown to no effect.
  • Guardian Spirit: It is no longer possible for simultaneous killing blows to trigger the heal from this ability multiple times.
  • Improved Holy Concentration: The tooltip has been rewritten to indicate that this talent reduces cast time rather than providing haste.
  • Mind Flay: Fixed a bug with targeting where you would not deal damage if not facing the target while channeling. Also corrected an issue where the damage from this ability was slightly delayed.
  • Prayer of Mending: Will now only benefit from the healing talents of the priest who cast the original spell.
  • Rapture: This talent will now correctly return mana for Power Word: Shield based on the caster’s mana poll instead of the target’s mana pool.
  • Shadow Weaving: Shadow Word: Death: Will now only apply one copy of this buff per cast.
  • Shadow Word: Pain now will gain the correct damage modifiers for the creature type of the target.
  • Surge of Light: Prayer of Mending will no longer sometimes cause Surge of Light to trigger on Priests who do not have that talent.
  • Twisted Faith: This talent will no longer sometimes cause Shadow Word: Pain to fail due to a more powerful spell being in effect.

Glyph Changes:

  • Glyph of Spirit Redemption – Increases the duration of Spirit of Redemption by 6 seconds. (Old – All heals cast while Spirit of Redemption is active have a 20% chance to increase the remaining duration of Spirit of Redemption by 4sec.
  • Glyph of Dispel Magic — Your Dispel Magic spell also heals your target for 3% of maximum health. (Down from 6%)
  • Glyph of Mind Flay — Increases the range of your Mind Flay spell by 10 yards, but it only reduces the target’s movement speed by 10%. (Old – No longer reduced target’s movement speed)

A lot of shit in there that I don’t really care about… the shadow priest changes, don’t care.  Its fun for solo’ing but raiding it kinna blows chunks (but that doesn’t mean I don’t love my shadow priests friends)!  Things I want to hit on though…

  1. Glyph of Spirit of Redemption change was a suprise from my point of view.  One of my guildies swore by it though and I do remember her turning into a ghost and staying that way for quite awhile.  I had imagined it being quite overpowered with the ability to just spam circles.  I wish I had a chance to try it out before the nerf, it must have been OP.
  2. Rapture fix… hawt dam.  On Patchwerk this past weekend I regen’d 32,000 mana from rapture alone.  Thats F’ing hawt.  It would have been even better had I regen’d mana from those bubbles as well.  I’m excited to see this weekends WWS reports to find out just how major the regen is from the shields.  I was just a bit shy of 29,000 mana pool this weekend and I got a few upgrades so we’ll see how it goes.

I’m still not using Penance as much as you should be.  I think you are supposed to use it every cooldown whereas I’m using it as more of a panic button.  I’ll do a shield on someone, usually the MT and then do a borrowed time penance on someone.  Penance doesn’t consume borrowed time so I still have the haste and can follow up with a greater heal on the main tank.

LIVE BLOGGING:  I’m in heroic halls of stone at the moment.  I’m using an addon called Eavesdrop that allows me to see mana gains and such.  I’ve been using power word shield on my tank (a paladin with 5569 mana pool) and my PWS absorbs around 4500 damage.  This is only returning about 100 mana for a full use of the shield… that seems rather insignificant.  I thought that it might still be bugged (using the users mana pool numbers or w/e, cuz I’m using a paladin tank atm).  I had him put on some of his healy gear, increased his mana around 2k and saw no change in the gain from Rapture on using PWS.  I was hoping for bigger numbers, maybe when my mana pool is back at 29k for the raids.  /shrug

Day After 3.0.8 EDIT:  Checked the healing forums this morning to find a confirmation from other priests that rapture wasn’t fixed.  The only reason I was seeing any mana return was because my tank was a paladin.  Priests have become severly bugged from what I’ve read.  COH is having issues on Malygos, saying it is an invalid target for a lot of priests, even when cast on themselves.  Many priests are seeing the same issue on Malygos Vortex with other instant cast spells (renew, POM, PWS).  Some priests are having issues with attempting to refresh POM.  It is telling them that a more powerful spell is active.  I had that issue with PWS in my 5man last night.  It wouldn’t allow me to refresh it until it had completely worn off or been used.  It is also absorbing less damage then it was prepatch.  Yea for patch day.


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