Circle of Healing Nerf II

Okay, let us review. Earlier this week I respec’d discipline to try it out, get used to it before the circle of healing nerf. I had originally planned to wait until the next patch that actually nerf’s COH but I figured eh, wtf. On raids I feel utterly fucking useless. Some AE damage goes out and I get off a flash heal or two and the other 20 people are healed up by the priests that still have COH. At least on bosses I get a chance to somewhat shine w/my ability to keep a main tank up. That really feels like the only time I’m contributing to a raid is during a boss fight.

1. Thaddius: We have 7 healers, usually 4 of them are healing raid while the other 3 switch to DPS. Not having COH relegates me to DPS w/the restoration shaman. Not all that fun.

2.  Malygos10: O…M…F…G.  We have been doing this with two healers, myself a former COH priest and a resto shaman.  Doing this as a discipline priest and a resto shaman as my backup made this fight exceedingly difficult.  It could be that I’m simply not used to healing as discipline.  It does require some getting used to and it is most likely my ability to do the job the most efficient way.  Going to keep trying but I must say this fight is stupid difficult w/o some form of instant heal while in the vortex or a quick, efficient way to get the raid healed up after said vortex.

3. Whirlwinding Trash: Melee already have it difficult enough as is, I feel like they are being punished more then us with this nerf.

Other then that though it really isn’t that bad.  I will be slightly happier to see the COH nerf now since it will allow me to do something while clearing trash.  I definitely understand a lot better about what other classes have been complaining about.  COH from an outside perspective really is ridiculously overpowered.  I’m afraid that 6 seconds is a bit long but we shall see.


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