Lich King Thoughts & Leveling

I ding’d 80 about 6 days after the release of the expansion.  The leveling was relatively easy and very streamlined.  I was very happy with how it went and most of the quests were enjoyable.  A very notable one was in Grizzly Hills when you break a guy out of a village only to find out the village’s humans are actually worgen.  You hop on a horse w/him and he steers while you lob fire lamps and choose when to make the horse sprint.  Super fun to do.

The dungeons were definitely something different though.  I was suprised at how easy they were and wondered why it was so.  After checking around I realized I wasn’t the only person who thought this and Blizzard replied to the masses….I went looking for exactly what they said but I can’t find it.  Basically they said that if its easier then people will do it.  They are leveling dungeons and that’s what we want people to do them for.  They harkoned back to how most people just skipped TBC dungeons because of the difficulty.  IMO the difficulty wouldn’t have existed if tanks could have AE tanked like they do now.  *shrug*

EDIT:  I found the Blue post.

We wanted to make sure players actually ran the level-up dungeons and we wanted to make sure players didn’t hit the introductory raid content like a brick wall. Those are both good things, in our mind.

We certainly know how to design encounters that you can’t just AE tank and AE dps your way through. In the meantime, it’s nice that the instances are being seen by more than just a small percent of players. 🙂

I tried my holy leveling spec that I listed a few posts ago and it worked quite well.  Much better then I had expected and it still allowed me to heal a dungeon if I needed to.  The leveling wasn’t as fast as I wanted though as I was shooting for realm first so I switched to shadow around level 72.  Still being in mainly healer gear kept my spirit quite high and made spirit tap amazing.  I only had to drink if I was chain killing 3+ mobs at a time.  Vamp touch & SWP killed most mobs up until 75 when I had to start applying devouring plague or add a mind flay to the dmg on the mob.  This still wasn’t any issue on my mana pool adding these spells to the mix.  I found Dispersion to be quite lackluster.  You might need it in raiding but certainly don’t need it while leveling.

Speaking of endgame, I’ve already downed 10man Sartharion and cleared the spider wing in 10man Naxx.  I’m looking forward to doing these places on the 25man.  I’ve also been hitting the heroics HARD.  Some of them have been VERY hard, while others have been cake.


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