This is my wonderful first post for this blog.  I hope to have it bustling with usele…ful information for all of you as well as a bit of added flavor from myself.  On to the useful! -Xeonio

Well, that’s what everyones headers will be saying today.  It was finally announced for 11.13.08.  What does this mean for you though?  It means time to start unloading that junk you have sitting in your bank, your alts banks, and that guild bank you started because you keep to much shit.  Let’s break it down by tradeskill and see what we should be eliminating and holding on to.

  • Tailoring:  This is the tradeskill that my priest is so I’m pack ratting some mats for when the xpac comes out.

ARE Tailor:  You should be holding onto Netherweave Cloth by the fuckton.  Why?  It drops off of just about everything and will be highly abundant even after the xpac.  At most it is selling for 3g a stack on your server (if its cheaper, buy two stacks and turn them into the best bandage that sells for 6g a stack).  From what I’ve seen of new recipes the new cloth begins to take effect around 365.  This should easily push you into the new max rank without a need for the old cloth though.  If you are looking for some early skillups though you have only one choice that jumped out at me.

Soulcloth Vest – 8x Bolts of Soulcloth (1x Bolt of Netherweave, 8x Soul Essence) 4x Rune Thread – 375 385 390 395

NOT Tailor:  There’s not really much in terms of profit you can hope to seek from tailors at the moment.  Their new recipes start with new cloth before they even hit the current cap.  This will allow them to start skilling up in the xpac without having to scrounge around for expensive Outlands mats to fill in the early gaps.  If you have a store of netherweave cloth you are most likely better off turning it into heavy netherweave bandages and selling it for 6g a stack.

  • Jewelcrafting:  My shaman is a jewelcrafter if that matters at all?

ARE JCer:  This depends highly on if you are a miner or not.  If you are a miner then sell everything you have.  The new green gems are better then the current epic gems.  Bold Living Ruby = 10str while Bold Bloodstone = 12str, Bloodstones are an uncommon quality gem which will easily be prospected out of the new ore.  If you are not a miner however you will be at the mercy of the new auction house prices.  This leaves you two options, save your current epic / rare gems and use them for free skillups or sell them off now hoping to buy the ore that you will need to prospect out the new uncommon gems.  Personally I am opting for selling all of my current gems and buying the new ore.

NOT JCer:  SELL!  SELL!  SELL!  Everything you have now will be defunct once the xpac comes out.  Epic quality gems now will be beat out by uncommon gems from Lich King.  I hope you aren’t stuck with gems that you will be putting in your twink gear.

Wow, ton of info I had to lookup before I could even post this info.  Will add more tomorrow, most likely Alchemy as that is a touchy subject that’s for sure!


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