Mountain o’ Mounts

Along time ago I started working towards the Mountain o’ Mounts achievement. I hit the 100 mark back in Cataclysm and there’s been a few… additions since then.

My next mark is the achievement-like quest is We’re Going to Need More Saddles which is the 150 mount step. I’m currently sitting at 130 and I’m not really sure where I got most of those post 100. There’s TONS of mounts out there to get so it’s just a matter of figuring out some ones to shoot for and start that direction.

I’d also like to off Awake the Drakes which rewards you with the Green Drake

+ Bronze Drake – Timed run (25min) heroic CoT
+ Red Drake – Wyrmrest Accord (LK rep) exalted
+ Azure Drake – Malygos heroic
+ Purple Netherwing Drake – Shadowmoon Valley (TBC rep)
+ Blue Drake – Malygos normal
+ Black Drake – Obsidian Sanctum 10man (3 drakes up)
+ Twilight Drake – Obsidian Sanctum 25man (3 drakes up)
Blazing Drake – Madness of Deathwing 10 or 25
Onyxian Drake – Onyxia 10 or 25

I’ve got all but the last 2 on the list… the hardest ones to get of course. Just a lot of farming and finger crossing!

There’s also the Vial of Sands that alchemist create. I had thought I already did this back in Cata when it came out but I must have failed or quit before I finished it.

Welp I googled it and turns out that you have to have archaeology to get the recipe for it. That’s why I never got it. I’ll have to trot off to the AH then I guess.

…or not. I’m too cheap to spend 60k on my server at the moment for one. Especially since I just dropped 100k (of the hubby’s gold!) on a Sky Golem to help with farming the Starlight Roses. Which by the way is TOTALLY worth it. Did you know if you go tank spec (if you can go tank spec) you don’t get dazed? Who knew!?

There’s a lot of mounts on the AH though so I’ll have to stay away from that tab.

/refocuses on the task at hand…

The first step is to start on those 2 drakes probably and I never did the stables from your garrison back in WoD so there’s some mounts too.

Here’s to the grind!

How Do I Improve?

*squealing sound as I test the mic* “Hello, my name is Xeonio and I have a problem. I’m a min / maxer.”

Well… I’m not sure if it’s really a problem. It’s just how I play the game. Fun to me is winning and being the best at something. I’m very competitive. It’s that simple fact that has me pouring over logs after a raid to see where I can improve. I think it’s also one of the reasons I made a decent raid leader in the past /strut.

This past week I was having to DPS because somehow we had too many healers and I stupidly volunteered. Luckily I had already gone ahead and put 13 traits into my dps weapon…

SIDEBAR: The first 13 traits cost 6500 AP while just 13 to 14 trait will cost you 6840. If you are a healer doing some dps just for farming or world quests it’s well worth it to get those first few. I’ve been surprised at how much they really effect your overall DPS.

After the raid I scurried over to the logs cuz I wanted to know how well I actually did. I ran damage meters during the raid and I was doing decent DPS. What I didn’t know is that it was all because of my gear.

Il’gynoth for example I ended up doing 148k DPS… which let’s face it isn’t terribly good. I’d say the bare minimum you want for starting normals is 150k. I’d have asked myself not to come back the next week! Why so bad bro!?

The first thing I did was go over my rotation on I knew there were at least a few times I got astral power cap’d (think rage or energy bars hitting 100 and you doing nothin’ with it while you continue to gain more… which you can’t so it’s just wasted). Chicken form’s artifact has a damage ability that you can stack up to three charges. You should always have a charge charging. If you cap at 3 of them then it’s the same issue as cap’d astral power.

Rotation fixes are easy… it’s usually a UI issue. I had my spells at the bottom… my buffs in the upper right and my astral power was in the upper left. There was too much travel time on my eyes to keep track of all the different things so in came WeakAuras again. Rotation issue fixed… or at least better.

The next day I went with a friend of mine BACK to the Nightmare and tried my luck again wanting to see how the changes went.

Same fight… same buff… and up to 178k dps! A 30k dps improvement is nothing to sneeze at. I was pleased with the result but let’s face it, for my ilvl it was still atrocious. According to, my ilvl doing that dps on that fight ranked me above 50% of chickens. I’m NOT okay with being in that spot.

The glorious thing about Warcraft logs is ALL THE INFORMATION it gives you. It’s a bit of an overload but with some determination (and asking random peeps) you can gain some valuable information.

This is the day 2 improved log.

Tons of logs on are public and they have ranking systems and all that so you can see how good (or in my case bad) you are doing. You can look at the overall rankings so I filtered them down to damage done to boss, il’gynoth, chickenform, 850 ilvl, normal mode, and US (so I could wowarmory them). Rankings link here! Then I’ll just open the log for the first person at the top… he’s gotta be good right if he’s doing more dps than anyone else at that ilvl? I quickly choose them, go to summary and see if they have any legendary items. Legendary items can change dps and rotations significantly so I don’t want to have to compare to that.

The number 1 didn’t and his DPS on Il’gynoth was… are you sitting down? 312k.


After I woke up with a nasty bump on my noggin’ I wanted to know what he was doing. Now, I fully realize I’ll never be THAT good but I can certainly learn from them. What was I doing so wrong?

I looked at his damage done….. oh that’s interesting I thought…

Gev’s damage…
1 – 23% Sunfire
2 – 16% Lunar Strike
3- 14% Starsurge

7 – 7% Starfall

His damage…
1 – 26% Sunfire
2 – 16% Starfall
3 – 15% Moonfire
4 – 12% Starsurge
5 – 8% Lunar Strike

This isn’t all the abilities but these were the major damage dealers. You’ll notice he was using a lot of Starfall (it’s just an AE spell). It accounted for a MUCH larger chunk of damage than mine did which means he at least cast it MUCH MORE than I did. That would be a good place for me to start. Looking at his talents I noticed he also was using ones that made Starfall THAT MUCH BETTER and he was very AE oriented… which I wasn’t.

There were definitely some useful notes for me to take from the Il’gynoth fight. Il’gynoth like I said earlier though has a lot of variables. It’s not the best place to look at for single target DPS either because of movement and positioning and how your raid groups things.

The closest fight we have to the old Patchwerk currently is Ursoc so let’s take a look at that one. I didn’t have a rotation fixed log so I went back to my one from Saturday knowing that I have already improved those numbers some.

146 thousand dps!

*shakes head pitifully*

That dps number would be me in the 8th percentile for my gear level. Out of 100 rough clones of me… I beat 7 of them… aye dios mio papi.

I repeated my steps of finding a log and found Kinoble, a boomkin who did 315k dps on the fight.

Gev’s damage breakdown…
1 – 21% Starsurge
2 – 20% Lunar Strike
3 – 16% Solar Wrath
4 – 10% Full Moon
5 – 10% Moonfire
6 – 9% Sunfire

Kinoble’s damage breakdown…
1 – 23% Starsurge
2 – 16% Lunar Strike
3 – 12% Solar Wrath
4 – 11% Deadly Grace (potion proc)
5 – 9% Sunfire
6 – 8% Moonfire
7 – 7% Full Moon

Well… right away I saw a huge chunk of damage from the potion, Deadly Grace (4m of his 40m dmg). I’m too cheap to be making those so not going to have to worry about it. The one glaring issue is my Sunfire being BELOW my Moonfire damage. That should never be like that if you are keeping both dots up. This means I was letting it drop off. I need to be more on top of that.

Again, minor issues that can lead to big DPS changes. I’ll probably be DPSing again this week and I’ll update you on how the changes went!

Have you had a serious DPS issue before and worked to make it better? Please let me know in the comments!

Legion Thus Far…

I dare to say… Legion is the best xpac since Burning Crusade.

There’s so many places to start talking about how great this expansion is but I think it all circles back around to Blizzard itself. They always talk about how people move from various team to team across the company but the games they make have always felt like separate entities. Legion feels like they’ve really started to learn what is working in one game and then trying it in others. World quests stem from an idea within Diablo 3 and a lot of the new class abilities derived from abilities in Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard is really starting to blossom.

Now, I realize World Quests(WQ) are just a different way to present dailies… but they don’t feel like dailies! I don’t login, see all the quests and slump in my chair (hello pandara) thinking I’m going to spend all evening doing them. I pick and choose the ones that work for me. Usually it’s all the artifact power ones plus a few resources if I’m running low or maybe an item since the upgrade system makes a chance of me getting something better.

The husband looks at every pet battle and mining WQ with delight. He’s enjoying the withered training thing as well (which I’ll admit is a low point for a healer since we have to use a different spec ‘cuz you can’t heal the peasants). There’s bigger WQs that require you to find the help of another and with the way tagging a mob works now you can assist other players without hindering yourself.

You’ve probably heard me whine about how much I loved Everquests’ Alternate Advancement system before. If you haven’t… they are basically points you earn by continuing to earn XP after you’ve hit max level that you can spend on random stuff like +1 of a stat or minor minor things that make big impacts the longer you do it. This brings me to the Artifacts and by extension alternate advancement traits. I don’t want to say complaint BUT my biggest complaint with WoW has always been how I can’t continue to improve on my main.

I know a lot of people enjoy alts and I have numerous myself but I’ve always wanted just to work on ONE character. I like the thrill of seeing how much stronger I can get one toon to be.

Anyway! The trait system has been a HUGE BOON for me. I know I can help friends get geared in heroics and at the same time I’m getting AP items to further my character. You add in the artifact research and it helps to make those rewards worth it even in the future when I far outgear heroics.

Don’t get me started on the new ‘gotta catch ’em all’ transmog system!

This post is a bit wordy now but yea… I’m really loving Legion.

Gev’s Raid UI

Shamelessly stolen from the internet, that’s a terrible user interface(UI) and sadly what mine ends up looking like by the time I’m all is said and done. I feel like I need this and I need that and I need this within easy click range… but the reality is I don’t.


I started looking around the internet for inspiration and trust me… there is plenty out there. I almost wish I was a DPS because you can go crazy minimalistic and see the real beauty of the game. Sadly(?) I’m a healer though and it requires me to see a bit more, like the raid frames. There’s still a way to streamline it though right?

Well, here’s what I came up with… so far


This isn’t ALL of my addons… just the ones I’m primarily using for raiding.

  1. Prat 3.0
  2. Skada
  3. Tidy Plates
  4. Grid 2
  5. Weak Auras 2
  6. Bartender 4
  7. Opie

Welp. That’s the end of the post. Take care.

Oh… did you want some info on them? erhmagerd!

1. Prat 3.0
My chat window is an addon called Prat 3.0. It’s got more features then I’ll understand but it does what I wanted which is to debulk the chat frame. Ya know, get rid of the arrows and the extra stuff and put it into the corner like the red headed step child it is. It also allows you to put that bar that pops up when you start typing on the top of it so it’s that much closer to the corner.

2. Skada
I remember using Recount ages ago and at some point Skada became better for logging (mind you this was back in Lich King I think?). I’m sure they both get the job done. Skada is just one of those I’m familiar with this one type of thing.

3. Tidy Plates
This is the addon that is most up in the air at the moment. It allows me to reskin the way those lil’ health bars appear above players / NPCs. I haven’t played with it enough to get it exactly where I want it… because these bars honestly are mostly useless to me I feel anyway. /shrug

4. Grid 2

Now this is where the nitty gritty comes in. I like to keep my player frames super close to my char and I want the travel time (the amount of space my mouse has to move) minimized as much as possible. That’s why you’ll notice my boxes are relatively small. They also have to give a lot of information about each raid member.

It shows the first 3 letters of every players name. When a player is at full health it looks just like that. As they lose health the box starts to empty from the top down so when I heal them it fills back up.

gev-ui-gridEach box has corresponding markers as well.

  1. Lifebloom timer
  2. Germination timer
  3. Rejuvenation timer
  4. Regrowth (green box yes, nothing no)
  5. Wild Groth (green box yes, nothing no)

5. Weak Auras
This is a minigame disguised as an addon. It’s super powerful… and super difficult to use. You can google the shit out of Weak Auras though and find all sorts of them that others have shared. This person has some awesome auras and links to use them if you want ’em. I thought they were awesome… but not exactly my cup of tea.

All of my weak auras in two pictures.

On the left you’ll see two LARGE icons at the top. They are Power of the Archdruid on the left (resto druid staff trait) and Clearcasting on the right (the proc from Lifebloom for a free Regrowth). They pulsate and flash red so I can’t miss them.

You will see a blue bar with a countdown on it that I made for one of my trinkets, Bottled Hurricane. It’s set to show the number of stacks it has, how long until they all go away and the bar will only appear if the trinket is off of cooldown (because I’ve used it already).

Then you get into my bar of cooldowns. Starting at the top is Ironbark, Essence of G’Hanir, Wild Growth, Flourish, Swiftmend, and Efflorescence. The first 4 all work the same. When they are on cooldown the icon is grey’d out and has a cooldown spinner going. When it becomes available it turns the solid color again and does a little pop animation to get my attention.

Swiftmend simply has a stack count and a cooldown timer, no greying out.

Efflorescence was a bit more difficult to work with until I realized it acts like a shaman totem. When it’s active it has a timer on it showing how long is left. When it expires and I don’t have one active the icon grows and gets golden (right picture). A YOU NEED TO GET THIS ON THE GROUND type of thing.

6. Bartender 4
Bartender is an old addon that’s been around for ages. It’s a simple addon that allows you to move your bars around and what not. I use it to put my bars in new places, resize them and when I’m not hovered over them they are faded out completely. Bartender also allows you to easily remap key bindings if you need to. I’ve done that and map’d most of my abilities around my WASD keys for faster response times.

7. Opie
A VERY interesting addon. It allows you to make radial menus and then you call on them via keybindings. The radials allow me to get rid of bars that I used to have sitting on the side, like my mount or my alchemy icon. Now I press and hold a mouse button and choose what I need. The radial menu in the picture has a few mounts, my hearthstones and whistle.

I have a second one thats for shapeshifting and allows me quick access to run-fast-form.


That’s what it looks like when I’m just standing there. I still need to cleanup the minimap and probably find something for my portrait and target but I’m super happy with what I’ve gotten so far.

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask!

How to Choose Order Hall Followers

Have you been staring at your 8 followers and trying to figure out which ones to pick? Well… let me tell you how I did mine and hopefully it will help you out a bit.

First I started by breaking it down…
You have 8 followers and each of them has a specialization, 3 different types. This results in a 3/3/2 split (resto / balance / feral for example with my druid).

I then broke them down based on their first ability, their counter. They are named after your class abilities but are tied to keywords, hazard, spell, and minions. Again we have 8 followers so that will leave us with the same 3/3/2 split.

Then I added a column for their ‘special ability’. I believe that every order hall has the same specials as well.


The only difference I’ve found between classes is how they decided who got what. I only have 2 healers and 2 hazard counters while monks have 3 healers and 3 hazard counters but they have 2/2 in other departments. Their special abilities don’t line up exactly the same way as mine either so that’s where you’ll have to do some spreadsheeting for yourself.

Second I compiled my data…
Now I wanted to see where I stood and compiled the data into a format that would help me better understand it.


I labeled each person and figured out what I had 2 of in each category (healer and hazard). After taking a look at the special abilities I realized that I really didn’t care that much about Brightwing or Sylendra’s special abilities so I decided to pull out all the +%’s and see where it left me.

Holy cow! That left me with 5 followers and I figured this was too easy why did I make spreadsheets… until I realized it also left me without one whole spec for boss counters.

B-0 / E-1
C-2 / F-2
D-3 / G-2

It did help me out quite a bit though because now I knew I needed to eliminate one of my D’s and add a B. My healers were Brightwing (BF) and Sylendra (BG) and I also had 2 Fs and 2 Gs… so basically whichever one I liked more (Brightwing of course since I play him a lot in Heroes of the Storm). This mean that I would have to drop Naralex (DF).

Brightwing (BF), Zen’tabra (CG), Mylune (DE), Remulos (DG), and Hamuul (CF)
B-1 / E-1
C-2 / F-2
D-2 / G-2

The missions have seemed pretty split so far in terms of who I need for what and having a 6th follower would make my day but this is the setup I’ve decided on. It might change later if I find a lot of the higher missions are favored to one spec OR if I can find numbers on how the missions are split. I imagine the numbers are pretty even in the mission split so I don’t think you can go too wrong in this department.

follower-breakdown-cYou want an 3/3/2 split of spec / abilities and try to take all the +% abilities for a better chance at beating things.

Group A loses Naralex & his ability +15% vs. spells

Group B loses Remulos & +15% with greater minions

Weakly Wardrobe 9.6.16

Welcome, to the Weakly Wardrobe  Do you find yourself inspecting people for xmog ideas more than gearscores? Then this is the post for you! As I travel across Azeroth inspecting people I’d like to share some of the outfits I’ve seen and really enjoy.

Arkah from Moon Guard

Weakly Wardrobe Score:  star star star star star star star emptystar emptystar emptystar


At first I didn’t even realize she was a warlock! How dastardly. She shows up on your doorstep looking all priestly just before she puts your soul in some random stone!

Arkah’s done a great job putting this ensemble together and I gave her 7 out of 10 stars. I love the golds and whites… (uhoh I’m starting to see a trend. I promise next week won’t be gold and white!) The difficulty of this outfit is also quite high for any nonpriest as the helm is from a tier set (13) and the shoes come from a Warlords of Draenor raid so you can’t just run in and solo the boss.

She’s done a fine job pairing several different expansions together into one cohesive look. It has just enough glow effects as well with the helm having a nice golden plume and the shoulders emit a blue hue better seen ingame that helps to tie the robe into the whole outfit better.

I did have to knock Arkah’s score down a bit because the golds in the robe are slightly off from the helm. You also have the obvious which is the blue-grey in the robe is not even close to matching the helm. The robe is a vanilla WoW texture so in some of the pictures you’ll notice the differences in the higher res textures.

Beyond the nit picking though I’m really happy with the look of the outfit.

There’s also a cloak that goes with the outfit that I couldn’t get to display in WoW Model Viewer but it shows up on the link below for the WoWHead dressing room.

arkah-hoverWoWHead Dressing Room

The goodies list….

Soulgaze Cowl – tier 13 priest (normal mode, Warmaster Blackhorn)

Amice of Brilliant LightShade of Akama, Black Temple

Cloak of Arcane Mysteries – Drop, several bosses

Gossamer Robe – World Drop, 49-50 elites… try Black Rock Depths

Soulcloth Gloves – Tailoring

Warmongering Gladiator’s Cord of Prowess – PvP

Inferno Breath SandalsBeastlord Darmac, Blackrock Foundry

Staff of Immaculate RecoveryGurtogg Bloodboil, Black Temple

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Arkah and her outfit. Make sure to comment if you decide to wear or modify this. Would love to see what you’ve come up with!

Error 132, wow-64.exe has crashed

Hi! It’s me again! If you’re like me you’re knee deep in Legion at the moment. Maybe you’ve taken some days off work and got up early to get in the grind. Maybe you’re waiting for the servers to come back up after a rolling restart… who knows?!

Maybe those servers just came back up and you clicked play and as you’re logging in WoW crashes.


The first thing you do is start googling the issue and of course there’s hundreds of posts on the forums and you’ll find Youtube videos that tell you to do all sorts of crazy things like mess with your directX or try it in compatibility mode or try turning your desktop on it’s side so it can get a nap, maybe it’s thirsty so you make your comp a cool drink (please don’t do that).

It’s all very confusing.

The one thing I’ve found though that helps me 90% of the time with most of the errors WoW has… delete some of WoW!

There’s 3 folders that carry a lot of weight within the World of Warcraft and those are found in the main WoW folder. They are cache, interface, and WTF folders. Each folder has it’s own purpose but deleting all 3 almost always gets me back up and running. Do you always have to delete all 3 though?


Start with deleting the cache folder. Restart WoW.

A cache folder stores data so that it can be retrieved quickly because it’s on your local machine at home. A change on Blizzards end can mess those up or a file corruption can lead to errors. When you log back into WoW it will take a bit longer since it’s having to download those files again but it’s a heck of a lot faster than doing a repair.

If that doesn’t fix it then we’ll RENAME the wtf folder to ‘wtf.old’ AND delete the cache folder again. Restart WoW.

Changing the name of the folder makes WoW forget that it’s there. The WTF folder saves a lot of client side variables that usually effect addons. Getting rid of the WTF and cache folders will put WoW close to a brand new state.

If that doesn’t it then we’ll RENAME the inteface folder to ‘interface.old’ AND delete the cache and newly created WTF folders. Restart WoW.

You probably already know what’s in the interface folder. It’s your addons. The reason we’re renaming this folder (as well as the WTF) is so that if these AREN’T the culprits we can simply delete the ‘.old’ in the filename as well as the new folders WoW created for them and it will restore what we’ve done.

These are easy fixes to try when you get errors that won’t let you login that are game related.

Oh… where are these files located?

C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft

Most likely the above pathway is where you will find the folders. You just open Windows Explorer and copy / paste that into the navigation bar at the top. If you have extra hard drives or it’s installed somewhere deeper you may have to go searching a bit. Searching for wow-64.exe or wow.exe is usually a good way to find the folder everything is in. Once it appears in the search box you can right click on it and ‘go to file location’.

I hope that helps you out a bit!